Spring work

spring work wp

The trap boat leaves the dock at the Smith and Welsh trap company on Herring River in Harwich in early April. The 40-foot poles will be sunk into the flats to hold the trap nets.

Escorted home

trapper return wp

Seagulls follow the trap boat back, waiting for discards. But unlike most fisheries, weir fishing had virtually no waste to feed the birds. Only the desirable market fish were dip-netted live from the trap.

The next generation

trapper kids wp

Boys inspect the checker full of squid as the trap boat offloads in Stage Harbor.

Frozen dinner

ptowm gull wp

A gull walks the graceful taffrail of a dragger at MacMillan Wharf with a frozen starfish it scavenged from the deck.

Winter work

ptown winter wp

A catch of flounder is landed at Sea Food Packers on a cold mid-winter day in 1980.

Provincetown trawler